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Welcome to Oishei Healthy Kids! As a NYSDOH-approved Children's Health Home, we’re here to provide support to families experiencing physical, mental or behavioral health issues with a child. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver or provider, we can help you stay informed and connected to the full array of available services to support a child's well-being. We invite you to explore our site and encourage you to contact us with any questions. We’re happy to assist you on your journey to good health!

What is a Health Home?

  • Outgrowth of the Affordable Care Act
  • It is a program that provides Care Management to Medicaid members that meet the Chronic Condition Eligibility Criteria
  • All of the professionals involved in a member’s care communicate with one another so that all needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner
  • Medical, behavioral health and social service needs are to be addressed in a comprehensive, integrated care planning process

Why Health Homes and What are the Expected Outcomes?

  • Improve health care and health outcomes
  • Lower Medicaid costs (over time for children)
  • Reduce preventable hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Avoid unnecessary care for Medicaid members
  • Right service at the right time
  • Avoid the escalation of services and costs from unmet needs
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Dear Parents

We can provide the support you are looking for when your child is experiencing challenging times with his/her health, physical or behavioral.

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Dear Provider

Our success in assisting families is dependent upon our ability to establish partnerships with providers who will bring that additional expertise.

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We are committed to providing up to date information on health home developments as well as general information for caregivers.

Kaleida Health Approach

Kaleida Health LogoWe believe we can improve quality and clinical outcomes through more effective care coordination and population management. Kaleida Health’s mission and vision is to advance the health of our community as we provide compassionate patient centered care, by advancing innovative practices, by collaborating with providers and by establishing critical partnerships with our community experts.